Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Day.....

I heard once there is a thin veil between children and the unseen realm. Today I believe I was witness to it. My sweet Lia bug is the most amazing person I've ever met, and I don't just say that because I'm her mom. Lia was fortunate enough to be given a new Veggie Tales Silly Songs DVD today, believe me, we were all happy and ready for a change. She and her daddy were watching it before supper. The very last song on the DVD is titled "My Day" and is by Jr Asparagus. As they were watching this sweet song, I saw Lia become visibly upset. Her eyes welled up, her face turned red and I saw tears start rolling down her cheeks. I then looked at her daddy, and the same thing was going on with him. The funny thing, neither knew the other was reacting this way to this sweet song. This is the first time that I've ever seen my daughter exhibit such raw emotion, not because of being hurt, wanting a toy or being tired, but she truly FELT. She was moved by the song, the tone and possibly the words.

Copy and paste this link to hear this sweet song:

(I wish I was smart enough to backlink, anyone who wants to school me in it, feel free)

One of the sweetest and most touching aspect of the song is the simplicity of it. Yes, God still loves us at the end of the day. No matter what we do wrong, right or not enough, we're loved just because. Sometimes it's too easy to get lost in the theology and the not measuring up, until you hear it from a child's lips, or in this case, and asparagus' lips. So, please take a moment to listen to this song if you've never heard it, and if you have heard it, listen again. You too may just need to be reminded that God loves you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Top Five

Do you ever have random thoughts just enter your mind, for no apparent reason? Or if there is a reason, it's long and convoluted? That's what happened tonight and hence my top 5 list. I was randomly thinking about Tylenol (love that drug) because Lia was begging for some (nice huh?), which made me think of my maternity leave for some reason (I went back to work Feb 17, 2007) and then...bam, the first report I had to go out on my first day back at work. anyway, if you followed any of that, the bottom line is, I do believe I've heard it all. In the 7 years I worked in Child Protective Services, I have heard every excuse in the book why someone has tested positive for drugs. Everyone thinks they are being original but they are nonetheless completely unbelievable. So, I've developed my top five excuses/reasons why someone may test postive for cocoaine, you tell me if they are believable or not......

5. I was at the club last night and someone was smoking it. It must have gotten on my clothes.

4. It is in the medicine I'm taking for blood pressure. (says the great grandmother who tested positive, along with her daughter, granddaughter and 2 yr old great granddaughter)

3. Cocaine is in Tylenol, didn't you know that? It says it in the list of ingredients....

2. I had a toothache and rubbed a rock on it. it's supposed to take away the pain.

1. My boyfriend and I had sex after he snorted.............It can be transferred by bodily fluids..DUH!

Julie, Babs, me out if I'm missing any or you have some to add.....

5. Ty

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