Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beulah Camp

Beulah means different things for different people. July 1976 was my first Beulah experience. I don't remember much about it...I don't remember anything about it to be honest, but between 1976 and 1992 I didn't miss a single camp meeting. As an adult I've missed a few Beulah weeks, but many years have managed to attend at least one service. Beulah became, and continues to be, an important foundation of my spiritual life. Throughout my childhood I have fond memories of attending DVBS at the children's Tabernacle. During my youth I remember making the trek up the hill each morning for the youth service, often challenged to make the "sold out" commitment to Christ. I have made lifelong friends over the years, knowing I would only see them once yearly at Beulah. (can't wait for the year Patti, Greg and Shawna all come back at the same time :) Beulah has been a safe haven for me. Knowing whatever is going on in the world, in my life, I can be safe from it in this small slice of heaven. It's a place I can always find joy, peace, comfort and I can always feel the Lord's presence there. Always. It's a safe place for my heart, and sometimes our hearts need a safe place.
My husband is growing to love it as well. He has spent a few hours there each summer, but was able to spend a few days there this year. He's had a taste of the community. Of loving and caring about each other and of the friendships that are formed there.
I now have a 3 year old daughter. We were fortunate enough to spend the first weekend at Beulah as well as a few days trips during the week. She experienced VBS like I did at her age and I do believe she has the "Beulah Bug". She wants to go back, she remembers it. I want my daughter to grow up cherishing the friendships she'll make, enjoying the community it offers and most importantly, making some life changing decisions about her relationship with Jesus that she can always come back to, no matter where in the world she is.